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Addbrand is a reliable and Nordic supplier and all expo products that we deliver can be produced inhouse. This means our partners can be sure to get high quality products that will keep together and stand against usage and weather. Our production plant is ISO-certified and the staff is working under collective labor agreement on terms of work.

Part from our own brand, Sober, we have a selection of carefully chose quality products and materials to cover our agents entire demand of expo products. Easy price structure and many choices makes it easy to sell our expo assortment.


Inhouse production

All our expo products can be printed, cut, sewed and mounted in our own facilities. With the latest technique in printing and cutting and with our own sewing department, our agents can be certain that we will always deliver high quality. And it has been produced by people who care about the result.

All products are made in an ISO-certified environment med collective labor agreements. That is why our partners always can guarantee that their clients will receive expo material that comes from fair production. This is a very important corner stone in our concept Print by Scandinavia.




Addbrand supplies you with all types of rollups for all types of events and environments. All production, both print, cut and mounting, is made in our own facilities to secure an environment friendly and ISO-certified product.

Our own standard rollup, Sober, is the most selling rollup. But if your clients wants something extra you will, of course, find also that in our portfolio. Broade, thinner, higher, double sided, black cassettes - we have got what you are seeking!



Beach flags

The beach flags comes in three different formats, Shark fen, The drop and Straight. We make them in several sizes and  all accessories are available. All printing, cutting, sewing and mounting is made in our own production hall and you can be sure to get a product that will keep its shape and form for a long time.

Some advantages:

  • Inhouse production
  • ISO-certified production
  • Collective labor agreements

Banners and tapestries

We print on all types of material, both for indoor and outdoor use. Our own sewing department, combined with our department för attaching and hanging systems, gives us the advantage of taking care of the entire production. No matter what, you can always be sure to get a high quality product that has been produces by people who knows their business and care about the outcome.



With our help, you can provide your client with all types of signs. Metal, Forex, Kapa, Plexi or cardboard - we can deliver. And we can help you with signs for both outdoor and indoor use. Our plan printer and cutting table makes us very flexible to find the solution best fitted to meet your clients demands.



We provide you with the smartest popup systems on the market. It will help you or your client to fast building and mounting of really professional looking fair stands, entrances or shop environments.

Popup tables, walls and Bannerbows that are easily built and can be mounted and demounted very fast. And one person can do it by herself!


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