Our business areas


A fast growing business area with lots and lots of opportunities. We keep developing our portfolio of postal packaging and boxes.

With the increasing e-commerce, the demand for safe and effective packaging keeps increasing as well. Together with our part owner Mayer we are right now making big investments i upgrading and adding machines and units to our packaging productions. All to cover the demands of the future.


Smart packaging

As demand keeps increasing, we keep adding products to our assortment of smart packaging. Flat boxes, Universal book boxes, well pockets and e-commerce boxes are only a few of the articles and we keep adding formats and qualities. In close cooperation with our clients and our factories we keep the porfolio growing and marketwise updated.

Air bubble and padded bags

Right now, Mayer is establishing several new production facilities to meet the demand of light postal packaging. Together with our clients we have developed, and keep developing, our assortment to be the most environment friendly, effective and useful in the market. High quality, easy recycling and effective logistics is our motto. Addbrand delivers a broad variety of formats and packs on both air bubble and padded bags.

Some advantages:

  • Better quality
  • Easier to recycle
  • Better logistics

Carrier bags

Addbrand provides you with both standard as well as premium paper carrier bags.

We keep the standard carrier bags (Sober) on stock. High quality bags with twisted or flat handles in lots of colors. We also stock a couple of formats of take away bags, both in brown and white kraft paper. You can buy the bags with or without print. When you order bigger volumes of printed carrier bags, we produce them in one of our new built factories.

A rather new addition to our production is the premium, luxuary bags. These are produced with a thicker, laminated paper and comes with cotton handles. We have almost 50 format tools on stock, which means our agents can almost always find a useful tool and avoid unnecessary costs.


Gift bags

Our gift bags, Presenta, are always on stock in several colors and a variety of formats. This product is growing and is taking the place of the classic wrapping paper. Especially around the big holliday weekends.


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