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Office & Paper

With our agencies on paper and self adhesive, we cover all demands from the cheapest standard to high class premium.

In our inhouse printing halls we help our partners with everything connected to correspondence, conference and events. Pads, letterheads, forms, business cards, pens ... you name it!


Your paper wholesaler

Our assortment of paper is carefully built to fit the big printing houses as well as the small printing shop. We deliver the ritght format and the right volume. Our clients do not have to keep big stocks themselves.



We have developed to be the leading wholesaler of printed pads in the Nordics. We are very flexible and have the right equipment and many years of experience. No matter how many pads, format, pages per pad etc you can always be sure to get a top class product delivered from us.

We produce the classic top glued conference pad as well as wire-o pads and writing books in all kinds of volumes.



We have developed our own, and much appreciated, series of pens. Ink and lead pens in lots of nice colors. Easy sold printed pens with good quality and lovely writing skills that can be delivered to the event together with the pads, business cards and expo material.

We also have long established cooperations and agreements that give us the rights to print and distribute the blockbusters from Ballograf and Pilot.


Printed presentations

We constantly develop and add aquipment to our paper printing halls to give our partners the highest level of competitiveness to sell presentation material. With a modern and flexible production, together with experienced and skilled staff, we can help you with both the small and the really big volumes.Broschyrer

  • Catalogues
  • Folders
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

Business and correspondence cards.

We are one of the biggest printers and distributers of business and correspondence cards. We have invested big in both printing and cutting equipment to serve all sizes of accounts. This in combination with our Web2print system makes our offer hard to beat.


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