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We shall be the leading wholesaler of printed matters and graphical products in the Nordic area.

About us

To achieve our goal, we work continuously to broaden our range in order to serve our partners with more products. By listening to our resellers and constantly scanning the market for suitable products we ensure that we have a growing product portfolio.

Addbrand is located in Bankeryd (SE), Stockholm (SE), Gothenburg (SE), Drammen (NO), Hedehusene (DK) and Vejle (DK). These are excellent geographical starting points for reaching the entire Nordic region as quickly as possible.


Our Business Idea

With focus on simplicity supply the graphic industry in Scandinavia with applying products and services to the right price in the right quality.

Always business by Graphical Intermediary

A much important part of our business idea is that we always have a graphical intermediary between us and the end customer. Regardless products and size of company our customers are printing houses, profile companies, and office goods retailers.


Simple and fun

We always strive to facilitate for our partners to sell our products. By simple contact routes, clear price indications and the market's best web system, it should be fun and rewarding collaborating with us.


The customers choice

Our partners decide for themselves in which way they prefer to place orders. The most important for us is that it feels simple and smooth. We adapt to the customers choice regardless the order is placed by phone, email, SMS, A-Store, web2print or personal visits.


Close to the customers

For us, this means that we must visit our partners as often as they wish or accompany them on joint visits to end customers. This also means that our partners always are welcome to our house, with pleasure together with their customer.


Our History 

The company started in 1991 and since that it has gone from a turnover of SEK 3 million to SEK 250 millon. Our goal is to have a constant growth, which we believe is important for our own, as well as our customers, development. However it is much important for us to retain the feeling of a small company that is easily accessible and that always comes back with quick response and creative solutions. Today unprinted and printed envelopes accounts for about 50 %, in the early years of the company's history it accounted for the entire turnover. Since the use of envelopes in Sweden decreases by 5-6 % every year we have chosen to expand in areas like office printing, packaging and expo and that expansion will continue. Here are some important milestones in our development.



Säljteamet AB in Bankeryd and Kuvert & Reklam AB in Uppsala are founded. We are a total of 4 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 3 million.


Our web2print is launched. This is our web service for ordering editable office printed matter. We are now 11 employees and an annual turnover of SEK 44 million.


The two companies merge and form Kuvertteamet i Sverige AB. We are 13 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 64 million.


Kuvertteamet acquires Hytting Tryckeri AB and expands its offer with stationery print. We are 24 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 75 million.


Kuvertteamet acquires Mayer Kuvert Svenska AB and Mayer Kuvert becomes part owners of Kuvertteamet. We are 57 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 103 million.


Kuvertteamet acquires Ord&Råd AB and strengthens its offer with large-format printing. We are 70 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 147 million.


Kuvertteamet invests in a machine for printing at pens and broaden the product portfolio with printed pens. We are 80 employees and an annual turnover of SEK 159 million.


Kuvertteamet and Ord&Råd merges and operate under the name Kuvertteamet i Sverige AB.


Merges/acquires Lyche AS in Norway and a Scandinavian Group is formed. We are a total of 105 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 200 million.


Kuvertteamet acquires the paper wholesaler Turnex AB in Gothenburg. We are a total of 115 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 235 million.


Kuvertteamet and Turnex merges and changes it’s name to Addbrand Sweden AB. Acquisition of A-Mail Kuverter A/S in Denmark. We are a total of 115 employees with an annual turnover of SEK 256 million.


Addbrand Denmark A/S acquires JT-group in Copenhagen.


Lyche Konvolutt AS change name to Addbrand Norway AS.

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