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Addbrand delivers envelopes, with or without print, to printers and selling agents in all of the Nordic countries. We are a part of Mayer Kuvert Network, the biggest producer of envelopes in Europe. One box or one million envelopes does not matter, our productions and logistics are fit for all kind of volumes.


Sober – The biggest envelope portfolio in the Nordics

We are the producer and distributor of the biggest assortment of white standard envelopes in the Nordics - Sober. We keep listening to our clients and users to be leaders of the envelope market. By constant updating of the Sober portfolio we keep our agents 100% competitive. Sober is a Svanen-licenced brand and is delivered with lift lids for easy handling.

See assortment (pdf)


Envelope printing

Addbrand has one of the most modern and updated envelope printing productions in the Nordics. The production is licenced with the Nordic Swan. We print 1-4 PMS colors and CMYK in the fastest machines in the world. Big or small series of envelopes does not matter. Our partners are competitive on and can deliver all kinds of volumes.

Some advantages:

  • Lots of printing machines = Lots of flexibility
  • We use both offset and digital machines = Can handle all kinds of volumes
  • Nordic Swan licenced production

Special production

Sometimes the client has demand for specific format, quality, envelope window or print that is not standard. Then we can produce the unique product that is needed. Oru special production is very modern and competitive. Volumes do not matter, we make sure the clients get what they want.

If the volumes are big, from a couple of hundred thousand to several millions, we produce and print the envelopes at the same time in one of our factories. This is what is called flexo production.


Consumer packs

We have a wide assortment of consumer packed envelopes and pockets. The portfolio consists of standard and premium envelopes as well as sample pockets, air bubble bags and padded bags.



We can help you with all parts of the production when your client wants to send out printed DM´s. In our moderns machines we print the content and the envelopes, pack the envelopes, puts the addresses in place and distributes it to the chosen post service. And we do it on time!


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