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It is easy to get lost in the producers vast offers of qualities and versions. We continuosly adapt and polish our portfolio of brands to suit our agents and to make their offer as strong as possible.

With carefully selected brands, both our own and by sales agencies, we keep growing and refining our assortment. Our portfolio is cutting edge, by being extremely market fitted.


Sustainability – Function

Our brands are vital parts of our customer relation. No matter if our own or agency brands, our clients can always be sure to get products of high quality from a fair production. By constantly refining and adding products, together with pickiness when it comes to external suppliers and brands, we offer the best mix of products on the market.

Our motto is Sustainability and Function!



Sober® is our own brand. Sober means quality to a fair price no matter if it is envelopes, carrier bags, rollups, beach flags or pens. When ordering a Sober article, our clients can always feel safe about the fact that they will get a product that has been thoroughly tested and meets what the markets wants when it comes to apperance and sustainability.



Munken is a classic and very popular paper quality from the Swedish mill Arctic Paper. With FSC certification, high bulk, four tones from mild yellow to chrystal white and a wide range of grammage, Munken signals premium touch and is very useful in all kinds of productions. We are the producer of the Munken Envelopes and our clients can order the complete office package from this range. Envelopes, business cards, letterheads, pads, broschures, magazines - Munken always deliver.


Munken logo_Rityta 1 kopia


The whitest and most sustainable air bubble bag on the market.

We use a special technique for attaching the plastic padding in our air bubble bags to make it extremely easy to remove. This makes it very easy to separate plastic from paper and recycle all of the product. By smarter packaging we deliver more bags per pallet which saves a lot of space and money for the logistic departments. These features makes our Airpoc the most sustainable on the market.

We also enhanced the whiteness of the bag and made it more flat. This gives much better conditions for overprint in good quality.

airpoc_logo_Rityta 1 kopia 3


Adestor – self addhesive for all kinds of labels! A wide range of label material that comes with uncoated, coated and structured surfaces. Untouchable when it comes to quality and endurance.

Adestor opens up opportunities to deliver almost any kind of labels to our clients, no matter what the purpose. Boxes, bottles, cans - you name it!



Precut standard labels in lots of formats - oval, square and circled. Made on A4-sheets in boxes of 100 sheets/box. Fit for all kinds of printers and printing machines. A household favorite that nowadays is the standard label at many printshops and office suppliers.



High quality PET film, suited for a wide range of usage. Comes with various surfaces and grammages and is perfect for printing.

PicoFilm USP´s:
• Gives perfect color and photo print
• Runs smoothly in the machines
• Temperature resistant
• Tear safe
• Writable with ink and ball point pen

PicoFilm is a splended choice for for menues and business cards, as well as all outdoor products such as tags, number pamflets and posters.


Viking Design

A series of premium Envelopes that has been around for many years and has outsmarted its competitors when it comes to high quality all white envelopes. Produces in a high bright white 120gsm paper. All white without inner print. Comes with both peel & seal and gummed flap for machine handling. Part from the standard formats, Viking Design also comes in a wide range of square formats. This makes it very popular also for cards, invitations and folders.

Viking design


We dare to proclaim, that this is the best and whitest 4-color printing paper on the market. The whiteness and the high quality makes more and more clients switch to PRO-DESIGN and choose it as their household paper. Runs perfectly smooth in all kinds of machines and gives perfect and sharp contours and tones in the print.


Elco Color

The most colorful series of envelopes in all of Scandinavia. Colored envelopes in premium quality paper with a wide range of tones. Perfectly suited for printing and comes in lots of shapes and formats. Also available as consumer packs.



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